2019 Cal South Adult State Cup
Published Team Schedules - Mens Amateur 1st Division
Flight Notice:

1st Division Champion: Buena Park FC

1st Division Finalist: Chula Vista FC

1st Division 3rd Place: Finest City Football Club

Championship Game MVP: Scott Locken, Buena Park

 Golden Boot Award: Mauricio Amezcua, Chula Vista FC

Golden Glove Award: Juan Flores, Chula Vista FC



Bracket Ladder Display Semi-Final Final Consolation

Advancing to Next Round: top 2 place team(s) from each Bracket and 0 Wildcards.
Location: SilverLakes Park
Field: 02
Game # 807783
Time: 6:00 PM
First of A
(A2) Buena Park FC

Goal: Andre Parada
Goal: Nathan DaRosa
Second of B
(B4) Condor Cali FC

Goal: Bryan Suarez
Location: SilverLakes Park
Field: 01
Game # 807785
Time: 8:00 PM
Buena Park FC

Ejection: Nathan DaRosa
Goal: Valdemar Vera
Goal: Scott Locken
Goal: Nathan DaRosa
Chula Vista FC 23U
Ejection: Diego Quijada
Goal: Christian Velasco
Goal: Saul Cuevas
Location: SilverLakes Park
Field: 02
Game # 807784
Time: 8:00 PM
First of B
(B5) Chula Vista FC 23U

Goal: Christian Velasco
Goal: Mauricio Amezcua
Goal: Carlos Ibarra
Goal: Carlos Ibarra
Goal: Jamie Beamish
Second of A
(A5) Finest City Football

Goal: Ben Wiscomb
Goal: Rivan Soro

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